What are the precautions when operating double roller granulator in a fertilizer production line

1. According to the requirements of double roller granulator, after installation, before using the machine, you must refer to the operation manual in detail, and be familiar with the structure of the machine and the functions of the switch and button of each electric box. It should be operated by those who are familiar with the technological process, so that timely measures can be taken to prevent accidents in the process of commissioning.
2. Before starting the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, check whether the lines are connected correctly and whether the water and electricity supply is normal.
3. Gear lubricating oil must be added into the reduction box of double roller granulator (generally it has been added when the company produces it), and the amount of oil added shall be subject to the oil that can be seen by the liquid level meter, not too little or too much; Check whether the oil pump works normally.



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