What conditions are needed to build a small organic fertilizer equipment production line


What conditions are needed to build a small organic fertilizer production line

  1. The construction of small organic fertilizer production line should meet the requirements of environmental protection policies. For environmental protection, it is not only the desire of the people, but also the policy demand of agricultural and animal husbandry development for environmental protection.
  2. The type of raw materials determines the detailed equipment used in each process stage, which affects the equipment investment price.
  3. The production scale and the annual output of small organic fertilizer equipment from 3000 tons to 20000 tons determine the capacity requirements of the equipment, thus affecting the price.
  4. The recycling of resources mainly depends on the recycling and utilization of various agricultural non-polluted wastes, such as making fuel and electric energy raw materials first, and the biogas residue produced as organic fertilizer raw materials.
  5. The smallorganic fertilizer production linecan be used as feed for other purposes.
  6. Plant construction site: It is necessary to determine the size of production site and the investment of site size according to the planned production scale.

The construction of organic fertilizer equipment is important to adjust measures to local conditions. A good organic fertilizer production line is not only a guarantee of output, but also



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