What does it take to build a small organic fertilizer production line?


1. Self-propelled compost turning machine: This machine facilitates the turning and mixing of organic raw materials. Using a compost turning machine, the entire fermentation time only needs 7-15 days. Thanks to the four wheels, you can move the machine freely.

2. High-moisture fertilizer grinder: This machine is used to grind high-moisture materials or bulk materials. Make the moisture content of organic matter reach 25-55%, which solves the problem of crushing high-moisture materials.

To build an organic fertilizer production process, a bio organic fertilizer production or an npk production line, the required production equipment is similar. In addition to the above-mentioned equipment, the factory also needs other supporting equipment, such as belt conveyors, to ensure continuous and efficient production; according to the customer’s production Requirements, budget or site layout to configure rotary dryers and coolers; small organic fertilizer production line construction requires silos. We recommend that the size of the silo is 2500mm*1500mm. Considering the waterproof design, the organic fertilizer plant should be located in an open-air shed. Compost piles can be in open areas. Some wooden pallets can be placed in the warehouse to prevent moisture.



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