What Does Kazakhstan Apostille Mean?


It demonstrates that the certificate is precise, that may be sanctioned within the place. An Apostille stamp is a report which shows a judgment regarding the authenticity of the specified document.

S. and supposed for Kazakhstan must be legalized by a Hague apostille. An apostille is a global stamp that is likely to make your U.S. doc valid in Kazakhstan. No consulate or embassy legalization is needed.

Certification of Pounds is issued by the customs of the exported country to validate the precise fat of the exported cargo.

Notary Stamp (seal) This a sample of an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, you should make use of the correct wording & textual content language for the condition. An acknowledgment is to verify the identification of the person signing and accept they signed the document.

According to the 1961 Hague Conference, Apostille provides a square Apostille for Kazakhstan shape which has a facet of not below 9 cm and should be the product annexed into the Conference.



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