What equipment is required for processing sugar residue in organic fertilizer production line


Sugar residue is the residue of pure biological fermentation and is the waste of oligosaccharide. It contains part of sugar and colloidal protein, non-toxic and harmless, pH value is 6.5-6.8, rich in organic matter (70-74%), protein and amino acids. It is a high-quality raw material for organic fertilizer production line.

In order to select suitable composting materials, we should first understand the basic properties of various raw materials, especially the commercial production characteristics suitable for industrial production and operation of organic fertilizer production line. For example, whether the sources of raw materials are wide and stable, whether the nutritional indexes of raw materials meet the requirements of fertilizer production, etc., and the decomposed raw materials are deeply processed by rotary drum granulator. Generally speaking, the transportation distance of composting raw materials is not more than 100 km, so organic fertilizer plants should try to find suitable organic fertilizer raw materials locally.

The manufacturer of the organic fertilizer granulator machine suggests that it can be divided into main materials and auxiliary materials according to the division of usage.
1. The main raw material is the main raw material for the



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