What fertilizer production line and granulator equipment are needed for granular organic fertilizer


In the processing of high quality granular fertilizer, NPK production line directly granulates different fertilizers. In the process of organic fertilizer production, fermentation needs to be carried out first, and the fermentation process takes 45-60 days. In this process, the temperature should be raised first to eliminate pathogenic pathogens and some harmful microorganisms in plants, because these products have certain harm to plants and produce, and the metabolites are also unstable and not easy to be absorbed by plants. In the later cooling period, microorganisms will undergo humus of organic matter, and produce a large number of metabolites beneficial to plant growth and absorption.

The temperature rising stage of organic fertilizer fermentation:

In the initial stage of composting, the microorganisms in compost mainly include medium temperature and good gas. They start the fermentation process of composting, and decompose easily organic matter under the condition of good gas, and generate a lot of heat. The composting temperature is constantly increased, rising from 20 ℃ to 40 ℃ to medium temperature stage. During this period, a compost turning machine is needed to process the compost.

High temperature stage of composting:

In the high temperature stage,



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