What granulation equipment is required for the organic fertilizer production line

Process flow of organic fertilizer production line:
1. Fermentation

Fermentation is the first step in the production of organic fertilizer regardless of its configuration. The manure is collected and mixed with hay and rotten silage to make compost and let it ferment. In the process of fermentation, compost turning machine is used to make the manure fully ferment. Modern aerobic composting is a method that uses composting equipment and fermentation bacteria to stabilize and harmless organic manure under aerobic conditions, and then turn it into high-quality fertilizer.
2. Crushing and mixing of ingredients
The composted materials, inorganic fertilizers such as N, P, K, and other additives are crushed, proportioned and mixed by material crusher and horizontal mixer according to a certain proportion.
3. Granulation
A new type of organic fertilizer granulator machine was used to granulate the materials.
4. Screening and return system
There is a certain difference in the particle size of the granulated material exported from the granulation and molding system, which needs screening and grading. The selected drum screening machine is used to screen the particles.
Low configuration fertilizer equipment: semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator, drum



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