What is image optimization and which format we should use for website?


What is image optimization?

The goal of image optimization is to lessen the overall weight of the image file while maintaining the highest possible visual quality. In order to reduce their overall file size and so increase the site’s loading speed, we often use the technique of picture compression. We’ll go into further detail about this procedure below. No matter the file type—JPG, TIF, PNG, or GIF—all images include various data and pixels with redundant information. Then, compression comes along and gets rid of all that duplicate data, making the file smaller and the page load time faster.

Therefore, optimizing or compressing photographs maintains their excellent quality while reducing their size and maintaining their original dimensions, preventing the loss of crucial information.

More importantly, how do you determine the precise dimensions of the pictures? You can’t really shrink a picture to a certain size, however. The most important thing to remember when compressing a picture is to keep the quality as high as possible, however the appropriate size may vary depending on the requirements of your product. Google has introduced voice search to facilitate the user’s research. Jpeg compressor helps you to compress image size without losing.



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