What is IQ — and how much does it matter?


Intelligent Quotient is a very old term used by Psychologists. Did you know it was First discovered 110 years ago, way back in 1912? Since then, IQ has been an essential aspect of understanding human intelligence.

The Intelligence Quotient is used as a tool to measure the ability of an individual to solve problems through logical reasoning. It is used to understand cognitive and academic intelligence. This ability is directly proportional to the child’s intelligence, and IQ is used to measure this. In simple words, few children of the same age are given a minor annoyance to solve, and then IQ can be calculated based on how much time the child took and how accurate his answer is.

Let us understand IQ in detail.

IQ is a scoring method. Here the ability of a person is calculated based on age. Intelligence is directly related to the age of the person. When we go for an IQ test, some problems and activities are given to the individual. They are categorized based on difficulty level. So easy issues have a lower score, and as the difficulty increases, the score for that problem also increases…..

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