What is the difference between dry and wet granulation?

dry granulation
Dry granulation traditionally refers to the extrusion granulation technique because no addition of water or binders is required in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process. In extrusion granulation, raw materials are agglomerated under high pressure into a primary powder, which is then squeezed between rollers to produce fertilizer granules. The finished fertilizer granules do not need to be dried or cooled, and can be packaged directly. Therefore, the dry granulation method is widely used in small and medium-sized fertilizer plants with low investment. Fertilizer granules produced by dry granulation are usually flat. Twin-roll extrusion granulator is the most widely used equipment in extrusion granulation technology.
Advantages of extrusion granulation technology
1. This extrusion granulation does not require drying and cooling processes.
2. The fertilizer granulation rate is high, and the final fertilizer granules are rough, but with high hardness.
3. This granulation technology can be used to produce low-concentration compound fertilizer.



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