What is the investment of pig manure organic fertilizer production line equipment


The process of pig manure organic fertilizer production line can be divided into three parts: raw material pretreatment, aerobic fermentation and granulation. The pretreatment of raw materials includes solid-liquid separation, excipient crushing and adjustment of water content, carbon nitrogen ratio and pH value of raw materials. The process of aerobic fermentation includes throwing and ventilation, which can supplement oxygen, control temperature, emit water and recover porosity. Granulation is a systematic project, around the core of granulation, there are crushing, batching, mixing and other processes before, and drying, screening, cooling and other processes.

Technological process of pig manure organic fertilizer production machine
① Raw material fermentation deodorization —- ② raw material crushing —- ③ raw material automatic batching system —- ④ mixing machine —- ⑤ fertilizer granulation machine —- ⑥ dryer drying organic fertilizer particles —- ⑦ cooler (cooling and cooling organic fertilizer particles) —- ⑧ sieving machine (screening qualified organic fertilizer particles) —- ⑨ coating machine coated particles (increase the gloss of the product, and the coating raw materials have no bad effect on fertilizer efficiency Effect) —- ⑩ packaging scale (automatic weighing, bag filling and automatic sealing).


When selecting fertilizer machine manufacturers,


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