What is the process of pig manure treatment system?


 How to conduct pig manure organic fertilizer production? What is the process of pig manure treatment system?

1. Shredded pig manure composting process
Generally speaking, the finer the crushed pig manure powder, the better the quality of the produced pig manure pellets. Our factory can provide new vertical crushers and semi-wet material grinders. According to the different processing volumes of pig manure, we can provide products with different specifications and capacities for your pig farm.
2. Pig litter granulation method
Making pig manure fertilizer into organic fertilizer granules is a crucial step. At the same time, the organic fertilizer granulator machine plays an irreplaceable role in the granulation process of pig manure. For small pig manure pellet plant, 6t/h disc granulator machine is your best choice. The pig manure granulator can continuously produce pig manure pellets. For large-scale pig manure pellet production plants, our factory can provide you with a 30t/h drum pelletizer. In addition, there are other high-efficiency pelletizers in our factory. The fertilizer granulator machine price vary, and we can recommend the most suitable one according to your granulation requirements.



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