What procedures are required to run a small organic fertilizer processing plant


A large amount of livestock and poultry manure produced by the farm is used to produce green organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer is returned to the field to plant organic agriculture, agricultural waste and agricultural fruits are fed to various livestock and poultry, forming a natural and natural green ecological biological chain, maintaining ecological balance, and allowing us to rediscover our garden life.

What procedures are required to run a small organic fertilizer equipment processing plant?

First of all, fertilizer registration certificate is required: to produce bio-organic fertilizer, fertilizer registration certificate is required. Many fertilizer enterprises are preparing to produce bio-organic fertilizer, so does bio-organic fertilizer need to apply for fertilizer registration certificate? Of course. The bio-organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production line belongs to a kind of microbial fertilizer, and its executive standard is NY884-2012 bio-organic fertilizer. The index requirements are: the effective number of live bacteria is greater than or equal to 20 million/g, and the organic content is greater than or equal to 40.0%, and the registration certificate of microbial fertilizer is required. This kind of fertilizer is registered by the Ministry of Agriculture, and the specific procedures can be consulted with the regional


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