Wheat Bran Finishers


Product Name: Wheat Bran Finishers

Company Name: Liaoning Golden Grain Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,Ltd

Address: No.11A1,NO.6 street, Economic and Technological Development Zoneļ¼Œ Shenyang

Description: 1.Horizontal bran beater adopts a new type of vibration device and precision adjusting device.2.Horizontal bran beater can more thoroughly separate and extract the powder containing particles in wheat bran, significantly improve the powder yield and increase the benefit. 3. Horizontal bran beater is a new type of equipment which is used in the reconstruction and construction of flour mill.

Contact: Anisya

Telphone: 86-024-31992039

Fax: 86-024-31992039

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.goldengrainmill.com


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