Wheat Washer Machine


Product Name: Wheat Washer Machine

Company Name: Liaoning Golden Grain Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,Ltd

Address: No.11A1,NO.6 street, Economic and Technological Development Zoneļ¼Œ Shenyang

Description: 1.Wheat Washing Machine adopts wet method to clean wheat. 2.Wheat Washing Machine is applicable for flour milling machine to remove stones and sands in the wheat cleaning process. 3.In the process, the wheat washing machine can remove the dust on the surface and in the the ventral groove of the wheat, as well as pesticide, microbes, ovums and pollutes. 4. The wheat washing machine can increse the moisture of the wheat and change the physical property and grinding procedure in conjunction with wheat tempering.

Contact: Anisya

Telphone: 86-024-31992039

Fax: 86-024-31992039

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.goldengrainmill.com


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