Which kind of raw material is suitable to choose disc granulator for granulation


Disc pelletizer is a professional organic fertilizer granulator machine in fertilizer manufacturing process. Choosing the disc granulator, first of all, is familiar with the performance characteristics of the disc granulator. It can provide help for the rational selection of disc granulators. With the replacement of organic fertilizer equipment. The characteristic of the plane rotary disc granulator is that the main body mechanism is fixed, and the internal disc rotates, and the materials entering the disc are rotated into balls by centrifugal rotation. The rotating speed of the plane rotary disc granulator is relatively high, which is more suitable for materials with good adhesion, relatively high density, and low output requirements. It is characterized by high particle uniformity and fast discharge.

With high-efficiency disc granulators, it is not that disc granulators will withdraw from the stage of history, but that in the field of production of organic fertilizer spherical granules, it is no longer the era of disc granulators.
Inclined disc granulator is a relatively traditional process. The base of the disc granulator is fixed. The reducer is driven by the motor, and then the outer disc of the inclined disc granulator is rotated. Into the ball.


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