Which organic fertilizer granulator can produce fertilizer from pig manure


Pig manure organic fertilizer granulator machine: Whether you like to eat pork or not, 700 million pigs are there, and the problem is that these 700 million pigs bring more than 100 million worth of manure.

Pig manure is very “fat”. Today, no one will question the necessity of environmental protection in pig breeding. How to do it has become a problem that the industry really needs to think about. The same thing may look completely different from different angles. These hundreds of millions of tons of manure can be the source of pollution in some people’s eyes, and why can’t they be the source of wealth in the eyes of others? Turning pig manure into organic fertilizer, turning garbage into resources, and endless troubles suddenly become Endless benefits, all problems suddenly solved?
Reality is never as full as ideal. Regardless of whether it is a pig farm or an organic fertilizer plant, it seems that at present it has not really found a way to perfectly connect the two. The production of organic fertilizer is a completely unfamiliar technology for pig farms, and it is difficult to accept huge investments. The use of pig manure raw materials is also full of


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