Which raw materials can be processed with organic fertilizer granulator?


Which raw materials can be processed with organic fertilizer granulator?

In today’s society, with the strict investigation of environmental protection and the rapid development of organic agriculture, the use of organic waste in organic fertilizer through biological fermentation has developed rapidly in China, so the bio-organic fertilizer equipment has been highly praised, and the organic fertilizer production line has realized the harmless and resourceful treatment of organic waste. However, the organic fertilizer of biological fermentation is mostly coarse powder or irregular small pieces. It is particularly inconvenient to use, which is very unfavorable for large-scale transmission. After years of design and production experience in compound fertilizer processing equipment, manure organic fertilizer granulator, bio-organic fertilizer granulator and organic fertilizer granulator have emerged. These equipment are suitable for granulation of various organic substances after fermentation, breaking through the traditional granulation process. There is no need to dry and crush raw materials before granulation. Spherical, cylindrical and other particles can be directly processed, making the use of organic fertilizer more convenient, and promoting the use range of environmentally friendly organic fertilizer.

Features of the new organic fertilizer granulator: the particles produced are spherical and cylindrical.

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