Which type of organic fertilizer crusher has good crushing effect


There are many types and specifications of organic fertilizer crusher, which one has good crushing effect? The most important thing is to choose according to the condition of raw materials. The classification of organic fertilizer pulverizers is mainly designed for different raw materials. Let’s take a look at the differences between several commonly used pulverizers.

Organic fertilizer grinder can be divided into horizontal grinder and vertical grinder. It is widely used in chemical fertilizer processing industry. The main crushing raw materials are livestock manure, domestic garbage, biogas residue, bacteria residue, etc. For materials with high water content, there are also machines with good crushing effect, especially farm manure, whose water content is often as high as 50%. It is ideal to use the organic fertilizer high humidity material grinder to crush. For other materials with low water content, chain crusher and cage crusher can be selected. Straw crusher can be used for crushing long materials.

Organic fertilizer semi wet material crusher

The semi wet material crusher of organic fertilizer equipment is widely used in chemical fertilizer, mining, coal mine, metallurgy and other industries. It plays a very important role in the crushing



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