Whirlpool Refrigerator service center in Hyderabad


.• Simple yet Intuitive design 

o‘ Simplicity is the ultimate complication’– embedded in this design gospel the IntelliFresh Pro range of refrigerators follows a simple yet intuitive design language. Its satiny understated lines and twisted edges give it a poised presence. Smart and functional by design – the‘ slick perpendicular form with an ever foamy highlight. 

  • A Hustler of Performance

 Livery cooling with 3D Airflow Technology With scientifically designed air palace, strategically placed reflections and air boosters to circulate cold air slightly, the cold air doesn’t hit the food particulars directly, thereby minimizing humidity loss and extending newness. o Intellisense Inverter Technology It adapts the cooling according to the internal cargo and reduces energy consumption.

  • Adaptive Space Operation

With a contemporary design, it has ample space for everyone’s requirements in a family. It comes with a special Variable Temperature Zone that allows smart space operation with the swipe of a button between fruits/ vegetables and dairy particulars. Adding to its appeal are its seductive features like Movable Ice Maker which can be used to fluently carry and serve ice. 

Working Time

All Days :- 24/7 Hours



Hyderabad , Secunderabad all Areas


24 Hours Hotline

contact no:7901416555;7901417555




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