Why is chicken manure organic fertilizer granulator so popular


At present, in the fertilizer industry, chicken manure organic fertilizer is becoming more and more popular, and the amount is also increasing. Organic fertilizer is made from chicken manure and microorganisms, and it is no different from aquatic organic fertilizer in terms of raw materials and production technology. According to the technical level of the existing microecological preparation enterprises, there is no technical problem. After microbial fermentation, chicken manure has no odor, disinfection and detoxification, harmful bacteria and substances in chicken manure can also be effectively removed. The effect of organic fertilizer applied by farmers is much better than that of chicken manure or chemical fertilizer alone.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer granulator is a special machine for producing organic fertilizer. In recent years, it has become more and more popular. The market feedback of organic fertilizer granulator is very good. Organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers are also developing in the competition. Why does organic fertilizer granulator become the main force of organic fertilizer equipment?

At present, people’s living standards are constantly improving, and organic fertilizer production equipment and technology are also constantly developing. People’s preference for high-quality pollution-free agricultural products and green products is getting higher and



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