Why is the dryer often used to treat fertilizer in the production of cow manure organic fertilizer


Poultry manure is increasingly polluting the environment. However, cow manure is rich in nutrients and trace elements and is a good organic fertilizer. The fertilizer production line develops cow dung as a compound organic fertilizer, which can not only turn waste into treasure, but also reduce environmental pollution and prevent the spread of diseases, which has good economic and social benefits.

Our fertilizer granulator machine price is low, and the dryer is of high quality and low price. There is a section of secondary granulation area at the front of the dryer, and the material can realize secondary granulation in this section. Then the material is lifted up by the lifting plate to fully dry the material. The tail of the dryer draws out the moist hot air through the pipe through the exhaust fan, and enters the settling chamber to settle. After passing through the settling, the exhaust gas passes through the washing tower to spray dust and spray water. It is pumped out by a water pump for recycling, and after the second dust reduction treatment, the exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.




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