Why is the Omicron variant of Covid-19 becoming a concern?


Just as we were taking a breath of relief after the first and second wave of covid-19, things are rapidly changing and this time it is becoming more troublesome. Dr. Sunny Handa in Brampton has clearly shown a red flag to people who are not taking precautions and not following any kind of guidelines pertaining to coronavirus. People have started talking about this global pandemic lightly and have forgotten the struggle the world faced during the first and second waves.

Dr. Sunny Handa MD in Brampton also mentioned that still few lot of people have not taken vaccine which is a major contribution to giving a boost to this variant of coronavirus i.e. Omicron. Further Dr. Sunny Handa MD in Brampton added that since the new variants have different symptoms and not many people are aware of it; here are few symptoms that are widely visible like headache, runny nose, and scratchy throat. Such symptoms are the mainstay of many common winter illnesses, but early reports from South Africa that these – and/or a dry cough,body aches, and night sweats.


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