William and Tibby Forever – Lynda Hamblen | Order the Book


William and Tibby Forever is a heartwarming story about the love of a mother for her children, the love of a man for a woman, and the love of that woman for her cats. It is a story about life that never ends and love that never dies.

Catastrophic downfalls! Heroic rescues! Daring catnappings! William and Tibby Forever depicts these and many other fur raising events in the lives of William and Tibby, two cats who live with their beloved Second Mom and her Hon in a small, gray house on a hill. In spite of vets and vaccinations, cat carriers, and beasts lurking in the garage, William’s and Tibby’s lives are as close to idyllic as a cat’s life can be. But when William is killed, their idyll is shattered.




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