working principle and characteristics of disc granulator machine


Organic fertilizer granulator machine: most of the structure of the disc granulator: each machine is composed of components such as a flow bracket, a sorting disc, a sports frame, an ore receiving slot, a feeding slot, and a developing heat pipe. The selection disc is actually a circular table with a degree of taper of l: 0.02. The disc is supported on the motion frame through the core shaft, and there is another circular track on the bottom surface, which is stuck on the supporting roller. The revolving weight and the electric effect and its transmission elements are installed on the sports frame. The sports frame is made of pure steel hoisting on the flow bracket. When the electric effect rotates, the idler pulls the disc to rotate in a 6.5 second turn , Rotate the heavy hammer with a progress of 300 to 400r / min, so that the disk surface shakes in response to the progress.

The task principle of the disc granulator: each machine and the cross-flow transmission belt chute are conceived using Bagnold shear practice and the flow film mining principle. When the slurry is given from the core of



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